Innovation is a Team Game

In the Nordics quality manufacturing is what we do – collaborative innovation is who we are

To ECCA Nordic sustainable relationships mean the following:

1.  A collaboration framework  – is something we put in place because we always endeavour to understand what makes a company tick and why they need our  support (see Export Expertise).

2.  The Value of a network is not static. In order for it to continue being valuable it must be kept alive, constantly contributing to business success. If businesses are able to be reciprocal in opportunities they offer and receive, the network will remain truly alive.

3. Sustainable success happens by design, not chance. It is important to remember that if you dip into a network at the beginning of your export journey and are successful, this is very often by chance. We believe that long-term success is about systematically connecting a product to an understanding of the market, building in wider partner alignment along the way. Our systems and processes are therefore designed to create success through network sustainability.

The globalised knowledge economy has created opportunity but, has also led to increased industrial and economic competition. Private and public sector decision makers must cope with rapid technological developments and, in order to meet the every-changing demands of a 21st century business environment, should anticipate new opportunities and threats.

Companies also need to be more adaptable and innovative than ever before and this has intensified the search for proper tools that can create robust, strategic intelligence. ECCA Nordic has anticipated this, building a reputation in the Nordics for identifying the right kind of partner companies and directly contributing to  innovative systems and networks.

With ECCA Nordic you don’t pay for getting into a network; we add value by finding partners that fit into your business model and strategy.

Relationships + Value = Sustainable Business Networks

“Everybody recognises the need for a Nordic Knowledge market and understands the power of coming together. However, for many companies, everyday life gets in the way – it easier just focussing on business as usual.

That’s where I come in. I see where there might be connections and put companies together within a ‘Premium Nordic Healthcare Banner’, or a ‘Nordic Cleantech Innovation Platform’.

This collective approach creates innovation and offers new markets a clear vision of how their needs can be serviced by opening their doors to Nordic Ideas. “

Connect with us to become part of an innovation network!

Partners such as Viudetta, welcome the networks and business opportunities created by ECCA Nordic’s sustainable, competence based, collaborative strategy.

“Viudetta is the leading specialist and distributor of electronic bidets, supporting ease of use and  elderly care in Finland. The Smart Home business development program is a perfect forum to co-operate in the Nordic region and through this, with the support of ECCA Nordic, we expect to find new innovations and good partners to work with.” Jari Viitanen, Viudetta


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