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ECCA Nordic: Expanding Networks – Opening Markets

Nordic Values

Across the Nordics there are many different approaches to doing business. However, we are united by our values and embrace both transparency and collaborative working. Put quite simply, quality manufacturing is something we do –  collaborative innovation is who we are.

Jantelagen is the Swedish concept of achieving things collectively. It can be quite controversial, but translating this to embrace 21st century requirements is central to the ECCA Nordic way of doing business. In our new, connected world an updated version of Jantelagen offers a great platform for individual achievement to shine through.

Networks by Design

Business alignment and sustainable partnerships don’t happen by chance. They happen because organisations have a deep understanding of who they are and are so inspired to participate in a collective vision. The ECCA Nordic approach combines people, places and digital platforms in a triangle of success that helps uncover this, fostering collaborative innovation in both home and export markets.

Sustained Success

ECCA Nordic finds the right resources, sets realistic expectations and offers an absolute understanding of market context. However, by thinking differently and seeking out sustainable, future-oriented interaction, we continue to empower an extensive client and partner portfolio, bringing a connected range of product and services to market in the Nordics, while offering a Nordic way of living to other parts of the world also.

“Helping a company get export ready means becoming part of its soul. ECCA Nordic is there every day – motivating, leading, supporting. That's why we inspire 100% export success.”


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