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Marketing is about focus. The more focused you are on what you have to say and who you have to say it to, the more motivated stakeholders will be to engage.

The Nordics are known for being amongst the most transparent regions in the world and, consequently, among the most trusting. In Sweden, for example, you have been able to look up anyone’s salary for decades. Norway has a similar system.

This kind of transparency has helped foster an atmosphere of collaboration that has been vital in building innovative systems and structures – in particular in areas I am passionate about. These include healthcare, educational technology, greentech, cleantech and sustainable construction.

In our connected world this transparency supports current business dynamics. Social media, for example,  is immediate, so it is important to be able to adapt with lightening speed to people’s opinions. We therefore translate what matters to people in one place to something that is relevant in another, and that is the essence of good marketing.

Internal understanding matters as well though. I am therefore also focused on that middle layer of marketing  – as this kind of collaboration makes it possible to build strong, innovative messages together.

The export partner groups have been an example of this. There are  4-6 companies in each group who share resources. I help them work through the export and internationalisation process jointly. Shared understanding creates pooled resources and powerful market entries.

"MARKETING, is about helping companies recognise their resources – often it’s just a case of thinking differently.”

So how about an example?

Well, I believe that Premium Nordic Healthcare should be as recognisable a symbol of our region as Parmesan cheese is for Italy…

I know there is a Nordic and a global market for future care within a smart home environment.

A big part of what I do is to work with companies who are able to provide distance care, often combined with visits; creating a 360° service.

So to me, by empowering the patient, their family and the healthcare professionals to work as a team, my partners in this sector help me deliver on this. Essentially we beleive that healthcare is holistic. So, no matter where people happen to be, we allow everyone to actively participate in their own well-being.

If you keep an eye on my News Bulletin page, you will see news items featuring  other  sectors.

These are some of the things I discuss with partners to ensure stakeholders remain motivated – including distributors, wholesalers as well as the end customers!


Does your product or service fit the market or are the changes needed?

How about the pricing, does that work?

Let’s check out any legal obstacles.

And how about the supply chain? Are distribution channels, partners, or collaboration needed different in the market you are aiming to enter?

Are communications tools ready – PR, social media, website, brochures and even presentations?

As you can see it’s all about strategic thought and connected action. Coupled with our decades of experience you can see that by working with ECCA Nordic you will be set for market success!


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