Business Growth through Export Expansion

It is my business to make sure that yours is a success story. Sustainable, long term relationships drive opportunity. Therefore, the first thing I do, is to set realistic expectations about what can be achieved and how.

Most of my partner companies have been with me for  many years. Our first point of contact though, is often is an approach about running sales and business development for them in markets they wish to enter.

Through a series of consultations, companies come to understand that being empowered to adapt their business offering to new markets is much more likely to lead to long-term business success. So, instead of directly selling on their behalf I become a facilitator, or even a tool – helping them enter new networks as and when they are ready.

So, are you export ready?

1. What does marketing mean to you?

Many respond with international fairs and sales… this is very elementary and shows me how much support a client might need.

2. What are you solving for a (Nordic) client?

This shows me how much they understand the market they are wishing to enter as well as digging down into their understanding of their own product or service.

3. What does your business model look like?

Very often companies that talk to me say they have saturated their local market and see export as a way of expanding their reach. It is not always the case however, that a domestic business model can be applied to other markets.

EXPORT – the sure path to business growth

We help you reduce time, cost and risk
… but to do this we need to understand what kind of company you are

With over 30 years’ experience of supporting trade and exports across the Nordics and beyond, we have identified key elements, as being critical to building long-term market success overseas. To support their implementation for partners, we have created two offerings, incorporating a menu of services to suit your organisation needs.

A. As an SME you might be considering whether you are Export Ready. You may also need wider export support. ECCA Nordic can help you access available funding through Business support agencies such as Business Finland or Business Sweden as well as offering other expert advice.

B. If you are  an established exporter, looking or new markets, working with ECCA Nordic will allow you to develop an extra layer of operational maturity, helping you build business success in additional markets.

An Export Partner Group is suitable for SMEs and those just starting to think about exporting. Many of the companies working with ECCA Nordic in this way have gone on to become Business Finland Success Stories. Participating in an export partner groups allows both knowledge and cost share.

Multiple players sharing the export manager costs

Peer to peer knowledge share

Joint meetings with the group but everyone has their own action plan

The possibility of obtaining state export subsidies


The Tailored Export Management Solution is suitable for larger organisations or those who already have export experience. Participating in this way allows you to hit the ground running.

One to one support for partner organisation and its leadership team

Export manager meetings with key decision-makers and stakeholders

A tailored action plan

A fast-track contract made directly with ECCA Nordic


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